The Intelligent Grid by mobalo

The innovative technology behind Geomedia and Geolytics™. Modern, intelligent, precise and one thing above all: flexibly adjustable to all needs.

Benefit from our technology!

Reach your customers with specific Geomedia and
programmatic advertising campaigns – with no scatter loss.

  • Targeting without cookies

    We are perfectly prepared for the new European Data Protection Regulation. Our targeting does not require cookies!

  • Location-based targeting

    We will find the right advertising method for any situation: at work, in pedestrianised areas or at home!

  • Up-to-date targeting

    The MIG reacts flexibly to changing habits and considers them for future advertisement.

  • Specific targeting

    Maximum delay: 150 milliseconds.
    Scatter loss: < 1%.

The mobalo Intelligent Grid (MIG) puts the user at the centre of the advertising communication.

With the MIG, advertisers can disseminate their messages specifically to relevant mobile customer touchpoints via any DSP, situation-based and geo-localised. With full control, transparency and the greatest possible reach.

As required, geodata, location data, market research data and the customer’s own first and third party data is selected for the precise definition of the desired target group. This is linked contextually to the anonymised movement data of the mobile users.

The MIG fulfils the requirements for precise Geomedia and forms the basis of our research products.

Put us to the test! We will create a bridge for you to reach almost any desired target group via mobile channels.

based on the MIG

Your bridge to the relevant mobile touchpoint

The core of the Geomedia and Geolytics™ products by mobalo is the Intelligent Grid. This is a network of geodata that is enriched with movement data from bid requests and carrier data of mobile users. The intelligence of the system is based on an internal algorithm that identifies the user as part of a defined target group.

In order for the MIG to find the set target group, relevant locations specific to the target group are defined. These so-called context points, in combination with precise movement data matching, enable the people to be narrowed down to those in the target group. The selection of the context points for the occupancy of the geonet thereby takes place based on valid specifications of renowned market research partners. The types of context points from the MIG that are examined depend on the objective of your advertisement campaign. These points can be defined under points of interest, points of sale or Sinus-Milieu groups, for example.

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Geo-research with the MIG

The mobalo Intelligent Grid is the technological basis for Geolytics™.

The prerequisite for successful geo-market research is a well-founded and successful database. For this purpose, mobalo has developed the MIG. Using the location intelligence, the MIG provides relevant information to all cells within the Grid – geographic, demographic, sociographic or quantitative.

Therefore, the MIG is not just responsible for the technical setup of a Geolytics™ solution. Even during the subsequent analysis, the Grid helps convert the raw data gained into precise and clear movement data. For example, it is possible to accurately analyse and display visitor streams between multiple points. The research results therefore form a reliable basis for your business decisions.

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