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Geolytics™ Footfall Analysis helps plan and implement crucial measures in retail and the ad­vertising industry

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Why mobalo Footfall Analysis?

mobalo is the expert in geo-targeting using smart­phone data. Live data that is analysed by mobalo Geo­lytics technology is highly precise and bang up-to-date. Unique IDs (smartphones) can be analysed in any given radius and used for mobile marketing campaigns. We thus have a significant advantage over our competitors, who generally work with historical market research information that is only of limited use.

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  • Precise real-time data
  • Data, analysis and media all under one roof
  • Customised support from geo-marketing experts
  • Numerous possibilities for applying the data
  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting
  • Data that is immediately useable for your campaigns
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Geolytics™ Footfall Analysis

Use the licensed Geolytics™ technology from mobalo to under­stand the behaviour of your customers better. Insights gained through first-class geo footfall analyses help retailers and ad­vertisers make informed decisions. Choose profitable locations, recognise relevant ad­vertising oppor­tunities and analyse your competitors to increase your success.

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