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Mobile, target-based user interface
with the mobalo intelligent grid (MIG)

Mobile Intelligent Grid

Mobile Intelligent Grid
combine a wide range of data

By combining geodata, location information, market research studies, and individual data sources, the MIG achieves an unprecedented precision in target group marketing.

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Targetgroup Mothers

Direct Targets
standard application of MIG

Whether location-based or not, direct targets gives you the most direct route to your target group.

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Targetgroup dog owner

Premium Targets
exclusive and individual with the MIG

Address highly complex target groups in four time dimensions with Premium Targets, the most comprehensive solution offered by mobalo.

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Accurate mobile geo campaigns through data from:

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Reach your target group even more precisely with mobalo. The mobalo Intelligent Grid combines target group data from the best market research companies and converts it into precise geo data. You have a target group and we know where to find them.

Smartphone tabletgrid

Accurate marketing is now mobile – with mobalo.

More than 50% of your potential customers are already using the Internet on the go – whether with their smartphone or tablet. With mobalo you reach these users directly and in real time, close to your business, in the city centre, or at your competitors’.

With mobalo you receive real-time advertising spaces that fit your local advertising message. The geo data of the users are matched with your specified advertising area and your mobile ads will appear in a match – without almost any divergence loss.

Geo Marketing

mobalo Business Solutions

mobalo Analytics

mobalo Analytics
for agencies and direct customers

You want to know more about your target group? With our individual geo-analyses, you get detailed reports and can further increase the effectiveness of your digital geo-campaigns.

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Whitelabel for Reseller

mobalo Whitelabel
for resellers

Expand your product portfolio with our reseller program. Offer your customers the opportunity to perfectly complement the marketing mix with geobased smartphone advertising.

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mobalo Express for self-bookers

mobalo Express
for self-bookers

With mobalo Express you can find new customers right where they are, quickly and without a large outlay. Talk to people who move around near your business.

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Marketing Mix including Mobile

The perfect marketing mix for you

The most people spend over 2 hours a day in front of smartphones or tablets. Today, we are online anytime, anywhere. It will not be long before mobile devices overtake desktops and laptops in terms of user behaviour. Studies show that a large number of mobile users accept mobile advertising if it is relevant. mobalo makes mobile marketing relevant using geo-targeting. By taking into account market data, demographics, environmental conditions, and the conditions at the point of sale the target group selections are more relevant.