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mobalo is your company for relevant & accurate mobile marketing. Straightforward, transparent & flexible. Are you ready to advertise more successful?

Accurate marketing is now mobile – with mobalo.

More than 50% of your potential customers are already using the Internet on the go – whether with their smartphone or tablet. With mobalo you reach these users directly and in real time, close to your business, in the city centre, or at your competitors.

With mobalo you receive real-time advertising spaces that fit your local advertising message. The geo data of the users are matched with your specified advertising area and your mobile ads will appear in a match – without almost any divergence loss.

location-based mobile marketing

Advertising where you need it

With mobalo you don’t only advertise by mobile, but also locally and with complete flexibility. Expand your coverage now with mobalo in addition to Facebook and Google.

How marketing works with mobalo:

location-based mobile marketing

Potential customer is located within the defined advertising perimeter

location-based mobile marketing

Person uses apps and websites on mobile device

relevant location-based mobile marketing

The target audience now receives your banner ad in real time

location-based mobile marketing customer acquisition

Customer sees the offer and buys your product/service

The marketing media mix plus mobile

The perfect marketing mix.

The mobile person spends over 2 hours a day in front of smartphones or tablets. Today, we are online anytime, anywhere. It will not be long before mobile devices overtake desktops and laptops in terms of user behaviour. Studies show that a large number of mobile users accept mobile advertising if it is relevant. mobalo makes mobile marketing relevant using geo-targeting. By taking into account market data, demographics, environmental conditions, and the conditions at the point of sale the target group selections are more relevant.

Relevant mobile marketing, maximum flexibility.

With mobalo you can reach your customers at the right place at the right time – significantly faster, more directly, and more affordably than any other form of advertising. This makes the location, area, and content of your advertising message flexible and adaptable at any time. This means you can promote new products and promotions not only highly effectively, but also increase your CTR compared to common online advertising by up to 100%. The higher the relevance to the target audience, the higher the click-through rate. You advertise where the customer is. In the apps used by the customer.

mobalo CTR with location-based mobile marketing

Relevant location-based mobile marketing

Where will my
ad appear?

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Take the success of your advertising into your own hands.

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