Postcode Targeting

Reach customers in a certain postcode area through location based targeting

What is Postcode Targeting?

Is a specific postcode area particularly relevant for your advertising message? With Postcode Targeting, all we need is a list of postcodes. These will be converted into precise geo-targeting by the mobalo Intelligent Grid in order to reach your target group.

Benefits of Postcode Targeting at a glance:

  • Location-based-targeting on the base of relevant zip code areas
  • Support of local marketing activity
  • Increasing reach through an additional advertising medium
Postcode Targeting

Use case: Gastronomy

You advertise in the postcode area of your restaurant in order to contact customers in your vicinity and lead them to your business. An advert for your restaurant could appear in an app with a specific newcomer discount, for example.

“Enjoy and save – try our delicious creations in “Eatiano” and receive a 10% discount on your first order.”


Use case: Fitness studio

Does a large proportion of your A-rated customers at your premium fitness studio chain come from certain postcode areas in Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and Cologne? This suggests that there is a hotspot for your target group in these areas. Therefore, your marketing department gives mobalo a list of the relevant postcode areas to be used for a location-based-marketing campaign.

“New Lux Fit opening in Giesing – register now before 12.01 and save 30%.”


Use case: Telecommunications

In new-build areas, many newcomers need an internet connection. In these postcode areas, an in-app banner ad creates awareness of your special offer.

“Get your high-speed DSL connection incl. Fritzbox 7490 now! Ready for use in two weeks!”

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