Point of Sale Targeting

Reach your target group through geo-targeting at the point of sale

What is Point of Sale Targeting?

If you want your point of sale to attract more attention, POS Targeting by mobalo is the product for you. You give us a list of your points of sale and we set up geo-targeting according to your wishes. The number of POS and the respective scope is completely individual and adjusted programmatically in order to increase advertising success.

Benefits of Point of Sale Targeting at a glance:

  • Address customers in the environment of your retail space
  • Enhance your out of home advertising campaigns
  • Inform your target group about promotions and products
  • Increase the frequency and leads at your retail space
Point of Sale Targeting

Use case: Gastronomy

Would you like to approach potential customers in the direct vicinity of your restaurant and encourage them to visit? Your mobile ad could be for a special set menu, for example.

“Get a free starter salad and dessert free with your main course.”


Use case: Fitness studio

The fitness studio would like to make members aware of the new supplements on sale, so it advertises in the studio and in its shop with an interesting mobile ad banner.

“20% discount on supplements for members today.”


Use case: Telecommunications

Your business is in a highly frequented area, such as a pedestrianised zone. Would you like to guide more customers to your shop and make them aware of your offer? With location based marketing, you can advertise directly at the point of sale, addressing customers and navigating them to your shop.

“Double your data volume easily HERE!”

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