Point of Interest Targeting

Advertise to your target group at the point of interest

What is Point of Interest Targeting?

Is there a specific location that is particularly interesting for your advertising message? If you know places in which you expect your target group to be at a high frequency, it makes sense to use these points of interest for your advertising activities. With mobalo POI Targeting, geo-targeting in this form is possible without restrictions. We also place “digital banner ads” at places where it was not possible to do so before (e.g. football stadiums), thereby offering new advertising opportunities.

Unique benefits of POI Targeting at a glance:

  • Exploitation of promotional not usable areas (such as nature)
  • Advertising campaigns in locations with special situational context (such as soccer game)
  • High relevance of the information in the moment of addressing the target group
  • Exploitation of new potential target groups
  • Enhance your marketing campaigns
PoI Targeting

Use case: Gastronomy

Your restaurant is in a shopping centre. To guide visitors to your restaurant, you distribute digital advertisements within the shopping centre, so that visitors are aware of your offer.

“A little snack? Get a 20% discount on your order now!”


Use case: Fitness studio

The large fitness trade show “FIBO” in Cologne is approaching. This event, which attracts fans from all over Germany, will be used to generate new members and create awareness of the new supplements on sale. Therefore, mobile ad banners are created for the fair.

“Arrange a free session now at Lu Fit and get 20% off protein with ‘Fibonacci’.”


Use case: Telecommunications

The internet connections around towns are often still insufficiently developed. Nevertheless, many people do not want to go without fast internet. Now you can approach potential customers with attractive mobile ads.

“High-speed internet at home thanks to LTE! Test our product now for 30 days, with no obligation!”

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