Geo Conquesting

Reach the customers of your competitors

What is Geo Conquesting?

Geo Conquesting is an ideal product to make customers of the competition aware of what you have to offer. You give us an list of your competitors’ addresses and we will develop a suitable geotargeting method to reach the customers of these companies via in-app advertisement. Even at events that are already being sponsored by your competitors, you can therefore achieve unlimited reach.

Benefits of Geo Conquesting at a glance:

  • Targeting on competitor locations
  • Customer approach with reference on situation and location
  • customer approach at a purchase decision-making process
Geo Conquesting

Use case: Gastronomy

You advertise at the locations of or in close proximity to your selected competitor. The selected mobile ads include an attractive offer and an incentive to visit you restaurant instead of that of your competitor.

“Enjoy your lunch here and we will give you a dessert and coffee on the house.”


Use case: Fitness studio

You advertise at your selected competitor fitness studios, where you suspect your target group to be.A banner ad points out a specific offer at your studio and the switching bonus to the fitness studio customers.

“We will pay the rest of your fees and you won’t be charged for registration.”


Use case: Telecommunications

You advertise at a location selected by you where your direct competitor is, in order to reach your target group. A mobile advertising banner makes the mobile telephony customers aware of your offer.

“Arrange your tariff with us and we will connect you for free, and give you credit worth €100.”

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