Geo Addresses

Geo Targeting based on address details

What is Geo Addresses?

Do you have a database of addresses and would you like to use it to contact promising customers? Then the “Geo Addresses” product by mobalo is just the right solution for you. We only need your database to develop a precise geo-targeting system for your mobile advertising campaign. Use this online marketing product as a stand-alone solution or in combination with traditional advertising forms (e.g. brochures and flyers) in order to strengthen it.

Benefits of Geo Addresses at a glance:

  • Address of established customers on the base of your data
  • Address of Customers with special revenue potential
  • Address in a moment of high awareness and location relevance
Geo Conquesting

Use case: Gastronomy

You have a database of prospective customers/followers. You would like to contact them to increase customer retention. For this purpose, an in-app advertisement message with a special loyalty offer, for example, is suitable.

“Come down and get your favourite dish half-price!”


Use case: Fitness studio

You give mobalo a database of prospective customers who have already attended a trial session, or even former customers, who can be retrieved with a special offer:

“Register this month and we will give you the first 3 months for free!”


Use case: Telecommunications

You give mobalo the details of customers who are entitled to a contract extension and those who have cancelled their contracts. They will then receive an attractive offer, so that they will keep you as their provider.

“No more slow internet! Get 10 times your data volume now for free!”

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