About mobalo


Munich-based company mobalo, founded in 2013 specializes in reaching mobile users with intelligent, geo-targeted advertising at any time.

At the centre of our activity is the mobalo Intelligent Grid (MIG). The MIG algorithm generates mobile, target-based Touch Points. With mobalo Direct and mobalo Premium, we offer almost unlimited targeting possibilities for your mobile target group. Whether site – related or independent of the current location, with mobalo Direct Targets you can start your mobile campaign right away. Make your selection from tried and tested target group models such as Sinus Milieus, Microm LimbicTypes, or Best for Planning, in order to reach the appropriate user in real time with your adverts. We provide you with exclusive access to your individual target group with mobalo Premium Targets. Simply let us know which highly-specialised target groups you want to reach, and we take into account the optimal time and location for a promotional approach on their mobile devices. Media, OoH, digital agencies and direct customers rely on the geo- and ad-tech competence of mobalo – from the planning phase analysis to the provision of geotargeting. 10+ employees are constantly working on the optimization of solutions for a precise mobile user targeting, thus creating ever more finely tailored connections to your mobile customers.